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Sign up to Recollect as a monthly or annual subscription. This gives you access to your own Recollect site hosted in the cloud and compatible with all current browsers and mobile devices.

We offer two levels of subscription based on format.

  • Recollect Standard is fully featured for text & image collections. 
  • Recollect Platinum gives you everything for text, image, plus audio & video formats

You can upgrade between plans at any time.



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There is no limit on how much data or how many items you store on your Recollect site. We’ll give you an allocation of storage space with your subscription but you can increase this at any time.

One of the features of the platform is the option to store copies of your high resolution ‘master’ files with Recollect so they are always directly accessible online.


Recollect is ready to run out of the box and we offer consultancy and set up services to get the most out of the software and the maximum benefit and alignment with your business. Our staff know the software and can customise it effectively for you whether that involves setting the tools and framework to your requirements or a bit of bespoke development to achieve something new.

We’ve also got data experts on the team who can clean up & migrate your legacy data so it ready to go in the shortest possible time.



A new tool for Recollect is the crowdsourcing project module. This addition to the platform lets you set up and manage large task- based projects . These tasks can be cut down to size and accomplished for minimal cost by enlisting the help of a crowd.

Contact us for more information about the Crowdsource Module


Compare Recollect Options



Recollect Platinum



Unlimited visitors/traffic


Number of assets



Disc space included in base price

200 GB

500 GB

Scalable storage


Formats supported - Text


Formats supported - Image


Formats supported - Audio


Formats supported - Video


Administrator module


Advanced search


Faceted search


User contribution – image tags


User contribution – Geo-tags


User contribution – Video tags


User contribution  - add written comments & recollections


Download options


Share to social media options


Automatic OCR


OCR correction


Creative commons licence supported


Digital NZ harvesting supported

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